Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fast switch input 3 ax

First Axe: Moon back

Typically, we switch the input method is basically left-handed press Ctrl + Shift to switch back and forth. If you do not accidentally use the input method to be passed to the press, had to switch back and back again. So, you ever tried to go right then click on the main keyboard area to the right of Ctrl + Shift keys? Try, you find something? Right, just by the input method has been poured back. The original, the right Ctrl + Shift key is input reverse switch.

The second ax: Dragon and Phoenix

Input too, switching input method when it is inevitable that the operation had been under. If you use Intelligent ABC input method in occasionally with my English input. Well, you may wish to have other input method removed. Specific method: enter the "Control Panel", open the "input method" dialog box, select the drop-down list box, and 11 other unwanted input method, click the "delete" button will remove them. Then, click "OK" to close the dialog box. Now try again, this switch is not feeling up a lot of convenience. A gentle click Ctrl + Shift key, you can quickly switch between English and Chinese input method.

Third Axe: single-minded

We click on the desktop taskbar input symbol, the list of all the input methods, such as "Microsoft Pinyin", "five", "Smart ABC" and so on, top-down in the order they are fixed, and the default value is always EN. In order to use Ctrl + Shift key to switch the input method is more convenient, sometimes changing the order of their default values, and EN. That modify the registry information to a large cut this last vicious cut. Strongly recommended before using this trick to make your own backup of the registry information in order to avoid excessive force accidentally injure themselves. This trick can be used to input their own, such as "smart ABC" and so set the system default input method. This can relieve the pain to switch back and forth friends.

As follows: First click "Start" 鈫?"Run" 鈫?type "Regedit.exe" 鈫?"OK" to open "Registry Editor." Second, re-open the HKEY_CURRENT_USERKeyboard layoutpreload 顤?in the name under which we can see from the number "1" began gradually increased the number of entries, the system will be installed, how much input the number. "1" corresponding to the input method is EN, if the "smart ABC" numbered "5", we have to "smart ABC" becomes the default input method should be called the "1" input method and the corresponding called the "5" corresponding to the input exchange. Right-click the first "1" select "Rename" to "1" was renamed "13" (a number that does not exist), then the "5" renamed to "1", and finally "13" was renamed "5 . " Restart the computer, so you put your favorite input method according to their need to re-sort the. Of course, more convenient and safe method is to use "Windows Optimization Master" or "Super Rabbit" and other third-party software to achieve the re-arrangement of input methods.

Learned that the "three axes", you switch the input method is much more attractive feel cool?


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