Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Deletion of posts by the company, "3.15" price hike: prices starting at 20,000 yuan

"3.15" to the recently emerging "delete quote company" business is fire up, they say customers may help remove any individual, company negative posts.

Yesterday, reporters learned that many companies concerned about the "3.15" complaints emerge during the post on the Web, companies spend big money to hire 24-hour keep a close eye to delete posts, "delete quote company" also "looting" to remove the same on all sites - Article post prices starting at 20,000 yuan.

The reporters found that many of these enterprises in the automotive, real estate, home appliances and other famous enterprises in the Chinese Division. An official said that the headquarters received notice of 3.15 during the complaint was made by random to compensation, only to spend money to hire "delete posts company."

Baidu search engine's input in the "professional delete posts," words can be found to 33 700 pages; in Google in search and related website as many as 152,000, showing that the industry's popular on the Internet.

Contact a journalist in the Wuchang District, "delete quote company" and asked to delete - Article made in the post how much Baidu Post Bar.

"Now '3 * 15 'customers more than doubled the price up." Staff member said, Baidu Post Bar, Sina, End of the World The most difficult to delete a nationwide forum posts, post to find the root causes of these more expensive, at least 20,000 element, so 24-hour monitoring, the interview.

Customer service to explain a number of sites, there needs to delete posts - like the company, such as a product User experience is not good, the company will find someone to delete posts. Each forum has an administrator, can remove the reason for reporting procedures, is free to delete. Many "delete quote company" is most likely to find managers to directly delete posts.

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